Choice words for translations

I really like that Ven Sujato uses ‘love’ for metta in his sutra translations.
Also I like the word ‘choices’ for sankhara.
I’m not sure about ‘immersion’ for samadhi. ‘Meditation’ would be okay wouldn’t it?


When I meditate, the feeling is much like being immersed in a warm bath where the cacophony of the world recedes into bliss. The mind unifies and lets go. This common perception of immersion happens walking, standing, sitting or lying down. It is perhaps one of the most salient perceptions of meditation.

Another understanding of meditation is unification of mind:

MN44:12.1: “But ma’am, what is immersion? What things are the foundations of immersion? What things are the prerequisites for immersion? What is the development of immersion?”
MN44:12.2: “Unification of the mind is immersion.

The nice thing about “immersion” is that it is one word. It takes three words to say “unification of mind”. Or we could just say samādhi.


I prefer loving-kindness. It’s clunky but shows it can’t be mistaken for romantic love. I prefer to think of metta with the craving removed.

Sankhāra has many meanings and I believe Sujato uses it only for its usage in the five aggregates. I prefer fabrications as I believe it has broad usage.

Samadhi doesn’t have a mundane equivalent that’s has a term so I prefer keeping the word but do prefer unification as well.