City of angels ~ music from heaven

This song was composed by a Mahayana monk whom while first time visiting and staying at L.A. . According to the monk , upon woke up on the first day he heard a very beautiful song from heaven which was sang by angels . Later before noon on the same day he found out the meaning of L.A. Los Angeles which is Spanish and means the city of angels .
The monk said this mean he has an profound affinity with the peoples there .
So , he started to write the song .
The reason I post it here is that to show there are Christian angels exists also (or some other being)although the suttas never mentioned .(Or maybe have but I am not aware of it .)

Here it is : The Angels Cradle

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That’s simply because Christianity is about one millennium younger than suttas.

I supposed angels existence (brahmas etc )should be around way far before Buddha birth .


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