Coincidental benefit of using SC

Just noticed that the discussion forum at “” (vendor of classic/vintage auto insurance and misc related issues) looks a lot like this platform. In fact, after futilely messing around in Firefox, Safari and Chrome (all ancient releases as the OS here (OS X 10.8.5) isn’t supported anywhere anymore) to get PDF copies of article and discussion texts, remembered and tried the Control-P method (also having noticed native File-menu flavor “print” suffers (would that it found awakening – the EBT-relative tie-in here :upside_down_face:) from sliding-window bufferitis).

Worked (Control-P) wonderfully!


Had a look at that Hagerty site, it is spookily similar. :wink:

It’s pretty much got to be using the same “” software – at least the discussion-group stuff. All the controls, the use of avatars, …
e.g. the discussion at:
E15 ethanol is coming, like it or not. Here’s what you need to know - Articles & Videos - Hagerty Forums

I learned a bit about laying up classic cars for the winter. I don’t actually have a car, and probably never will again, but I have stored away the information anyway - who knows?! :laughing:
It’s sort of similar to me reading discussions here about Nibbana. :yum:

I’ve often wondered what types of organisations also use Discourse. The only one I know is the community of theHemera Foundation, which is also Buddhist.