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:grinning:Bhante Sujato will be in Sri Lanka from mid May till early June. Plans are underway to launch SuttaCentral in Sri Lanka during this time. This event will be streamed live and also will attract some media coverage. We’d love to introduce you, our supporters, individuals, meditation groups and centres, monasteries no matter how small to the rest of the world. To do this we are putting together a short collage video to show on the evening. If you are interested to join please send an intro together with a high res photo, at least 1040 x 720p to @Deepika. Best email for me is
Please reply no later than the 4th of June. We hope to get lots of happy photos from all you.


Correction… cut off for photos should be 4th of May.


To be quite clear - collage from photos in but also beyond Sri Lanka, yes?

Yes, we like to acknowledge our supporters and would like to have a photo to incorporate in to the video which will be shown at the launch. Sorry if I was not clear.


i think any unclarity was mine! i look forward to seeing your work, and celebrating with you where i am. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, Deepika, this is a wonderful idea!

Another thing we could add is the short statements by users on “Why we read”, which are found on the Home page of the site, and in more detail here on Discourse. They are very beautiful!

The plans for this event are very lovely, Deepika is working with supporters in Sri Lanka to bring many different people together to celebrate the Buddha’s words. It will be exciting!


What is the venue address?


Plans are underway Sarath, date is going be around the 31st of May to 1st of June, veneue is being finalised as well but likely to be the Lotus Pond (Nelum Pokuna) main auditorium.


Good news! I hope you get coverage from all the major Buddhist TV stations like ‘The Buddhist’ (‘Bauddaya’), as well the other ones. Nelum pokina seems apt as it is shaped like a lotus, a symbol of the dhamma. Ven Mettavihari, should be contacted. You are missing the Vesak celebrations but it is before the Poson full moon.

With metta

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When is the launch?
Is it open to pubic?