Compassion is the highest

“Political views” / ”Religious views"

Anti-harm. Pro-nature. Equality and equity between every being and every thing, regardless of degrees of ability. True knowledge, intuitive, wise judgement, compassion born of care for beings’ feelings, acting in line with the truth so as not to cause any harm to any being or thing. Mutual respect. No hierarchy, but heeding the advice of the wise ones who are also humble ones, not ones putting themselves above anyone else, but rather helping everyone up to their “level” out of care and love and friendliness with harmony as a unifying goal. Strict vegetarianism; veganism - not always feasible, unfortunately. Science - good but imperfect; largely heartless, but making life more comfortable because of technology (though it also harms the natural environment… BAD!). Money - bad; but impossible to do away with. Too complex…

Dharma. Truth. Simple. But containing multiple complexities at various levels.

Stick with "Do no harm. Don’t worry. Just do your best. If you make a mistake, forgive - human being. :slight_smile: Know the truth, understand it, care for every being and thing, including yourself, because pain… it hurts. Help others and yourself. No conceit - equality and genuine friendship. Be who u r. You are not a robot, to act stiffly - human being, be freee!

Ultimate goal: freedom and escape from this world of suffering and pain - for all beings.

Truth is the only sure thing. And the only sure thing is that nothing else is sure. Other than that compassion is the highest thing and freedom the last word. In the meantime - peace and harmony without hurting one another.


Doing no harm/Doing as much good as possible
Letting go of all bad things (such as fear and worry, ignorance and delusion, greed and sensuality, hatred and anger, conceit and egotism (thinking oneself better than someone else for whatever reason))


Neutral is best.
“Positive” is second-best - good, but changing into bad quite often.
All negative things must be prevented and eliminated.


Most important thing: caring for one another. Compassion. Helping each other. Unity. Concern. Beings are the most important - not rules or knowledge or science or money or survival or sex or pleasure or personal gain.

Mutual love. Life is about relationships. Between everyone and everything. The quality of those relationships is what matters.

What is it? How high is the quality? What are we doing about it?


The worst being ever is now in charge of it all. Until when? A bomb that destroys the whole planet?

Global Warming? Preventable? Not sure. Maybe not.

A comet, at some point in the future? Very possible. Ask the dinosaurs.

Alien contact? Could be good or bad. Who knows?

Why not work out our own salvation with diligence.


While we still can.

And help each other.


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Are you talking here about the mind?
Not according to bhante Henepola Gunaratana in his book “Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness”.
According to him, “positive” is better: Because to go from positive to negative you first have to go through neutral. If you are already in “neutral” you’ll be quicker in “negative”.

Happiness: positive.
Peace: neutral.

7 enlightenment factors:

Mindfulness: neutral.
The other factors are positive, but they need to be in balance (neutralised).