Complete Sutta Nipāta translation available in English

I have just uploaded a complete translation of the Sutta Nipata. This makes us, I believe, the first site to host a complete translation of this text natively on the web.

This text was the outcome of a project I have been working on, which was an unfinished translation of the Sutta Nipata by Laurence Khantipalo. Khantipalo, before he disrobed in the early 90s, made a number of significant contributions to Pali studies, including editing and publishing the first edition of 90 of the MN suttas translated by Ven Nyanamoli.

He is now in very poor health, and his last project was to translate the Sutta Nipata. However he was unable to finish it, and I was handed the (very pleasant) task by some of his students.

Soon we will be making the full text available as a pdf and in printed form. For now I have uploaded most of the translations to the site. In some cases I have kept our previous translation; and the new text includes translations by several scholars, myself included. So the text we now is a composite one, with several very different styles in play. Nevertheless, I hope that this makes it possible for this delightful and important text to gain a wider readership.


Hello and thank you so much dear Bhante!!! My question: is there any possibility to have an epub/mobi versions?

Thank you!!


I’ve already made an epub version. We’re waiting to get a physical copy to do one more round of proofing, then we will release pdf and epub versions.

As for mobi, I heartily dislike Amazon for their business practices, their maltreatment of employees, and their proprietary formats, so I won’t be making a mobi file. But it’s easy to create one from an epub using Calibre or similar.

Thank you so much! Are you planning to do the same with your translations of the Tipitaka ?
We’re waiting for it!

Ps: All the best for your great projet Bhante! Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu!

Yes, we have started developing a flow for SuttaCentral -> LaTeX -> PDF for printing. We should also do one for EPUB, which will be relatively simple.

This is great. Will the PDF/EPUB be the complete Khantipalo/Sujato version or still a composite, and will the Khantipalo/Sujato versions of the fifth chapter be available on line in the future?

It looks like there is a bug somewhere at the moment, and most of the English has disappeared… :frowning:

Great! Thank you!

there’s a host of free online converters out there

interestingly this is probably connected with the disappearance of a number of Russian translations just recently published

Ven Sugato suggested this could have been a result of an accident

Did the epub ever get posted? I didn’t see it on the download page.

Thanks for the work on this translaton.

I’m still waiting on the book publisher before finalizing this, I’m afraid.