Confused where to find AN 3:35 I 138-140


I was doing my daily Dhamma study this morning, and I wrote down a favorite passage AN 3:35 138-140 I liked. The message says that we alone are responsible for our actions, not our mother, father, and other relations.

I looked it up again on Accesstoinsight as well as Suttacentral and couldn’t find this passage. It lead to AN 3:35 Hatthaka Sutta | To Hatthaka ( which talks about sleep.

Can you give me a link of where to find AN 3:35. Its in In The Buddha’s Words but for the life of me I can’t find it on DhammaTalks, Suttacentral, and Accesstoinsight.

Unless I’m doing something wrong?

It’s AN 3.36:

That bad deed wasn’t done by your mother, father, brother, or sister. It wasn’t done by friends and colleagues, by relatives and kin, by the deities, or by ascetics and brahmins.
That bad deed was done by you alone, and you alone will experience the result.

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Thank you. That is weird. In the Buddha’s Words has it 3:35. Is it 3:36 on all three other sites if you know offhand?

Accesstoinsight 3:35 to 3:38 and Dhamma talk has 3:34,25, and 39.


Hi. The AN is like this. I think it relates to English translations being from different versions of the AN, such as from the Sri Lankan, Burmese, Thai versions, etc. Something like this. My impression is there is no ‘Pali’ suttas. Instead, there are only different versions in different other languages.

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It’s a problem for both AN and SN. I think it’s not so much “different translations”, as how the Sri Lankan, Burmese, Thai, and PTS versions of the Pali are organised. For those collections, it’s often not clear whether some passages are one or two suttas, hence the different numberings. Note that Bhikkhu Bodhi’s numbering for his AN translation is different from the older source he used in ITBW. I believe Sutta Central uses the same numbering as BB’s SN and AN translations.


True. I noticed that with another verse. It was a digit off but its good the titles where similar. I’m honestly not familiar with how the books and numbers work. It sounds like a daunting project if it’s worth a layman to figure out? I don’t know.

Hi Carlita,
I think that all you need to know is that the numbers for the AN and SN differ a little on SuttaCentral from and (which I believe use Thai numbering). It’s annoying, but not too difficult to search back and forth a little for the corresponding sutta.