Consciousnesses Ajahn Lee

Listening to “consciousnesses” by Ajahn Lee. Is this idea of multiple animal consciousnesses with in one’s body a Thai Forest thing? Or is it actually in the Suttas? Or am I misunderstanding his teaching altogether?

It might help if you include a link to the talk, otherwise people may not know what you are referring to.


It’s a pre-Buddhist idea found in animistic, “folk” religions across Southeast Asia.

One iteration of this belief is that each of the 32 parts of the body has its own spirit, called a kwan (ขวัญ). These 32 spirits are thought to be fickle though and might become separated from the body, leading to weakness or illness. The Baisi ritual can be performed to call these vital spirits back to the body.


I didn’t want to put the link out there if it contained false teachings