Contact and perception

SN22.56:9.5: Perception originates from contact.

The following video is made up entirely of unretouched actual images (i.e., contacts). To be precise, 1000 contacts per second. Watch the video mindfully and attend to the perceptions that unfold. Be very skeptical of the perceptions that unfold and (hopefully) enjoy the resulting perplexity.

Happy Monday…


I mean… it’s just green screen and layering.


Hmm. I understood that each video frame was unmodified and that it was simply the sequencing of raw images. In other words, the edited sequence of true images creates a false perception. :thinking:

Although we are familiar with the illusion of motion provided by sequencing of true images, we tend to give that sequencing a certain unwarranted trust that is quite torn apart with this artist’s video. The artist demonstrates, rather shockingly, that we should not implicitly trust sequences of true images. The artist leads us to conclude that mindfulness has to reach down to the level of contacts and that we should not be content with mere perceptions in our practice. Indeed, we have to go further:

AN6.61:12.4: “Contact, mendicants, is one end. The origin of contact is the second end. The cessation of contact is the middle. And craving is the seamstress,