Contemplating the individual path of the Buddha and his disciples

:slightly_smiling_face: hi

I’m very interested in learning more about the individual path of the Buddha and his disciples.
To me it looks like a super helpful perspective in gaining a better understanding and appreciation of their life, struggles and achievements and also some relevant historical and cultural contexts.
I find it super interesting how the more realistic and perhaps sensible fragments in the early texts give a lot of inspiration and how perhaps later added myths and unrealistic aspects can bring some doubts and confusion.
Perhaps for me that is a way of finding that refuge in the Buddha.
I’m also super interested in Bhante Analayos work and for example his book ‘The meditators life of the Buddha’ and I wonder if anyone would like to lead perhaps online meetings based on it.
Oh and I’ll just share another fascination on that topic - how wonderful it could be if a more realistic movie series could be made about the supreme examples of the Buddhas life and his disciples.
Some scenes in ‘Little Buddha’, ‘Angulimala’ and
‘Bimba Devi alias Yashodhara’ (2018) are very inspiring.
Perhaps sometime I’ll try to cut the best scenes out and compile something more satisfying :sweat_smile:
But I know it’s good to learn to find satisfaction in what is already real here and now :slightly_smiling_face:

Kind best wishes to everyone :slightly_smiling_face::pray:

Hi Andrzej,

You might like to read this recent biography of the Buddha. Very down-to-earth and realistic depiction of his life:

About all the disciples, this book might be of interest: