Contemporary Buddhist Scholars & Researchers

Who are the researchers you trust, you read and seem to have a good judgment to you? I’m more interested in highlighting the rather unknown, ‘younger’ scholars of this generation, and hope you are aware of Gombrich, Cousins, Bronkhorst, Bucknell, Norman, von Hinüber, Gethin… and our monastic inspirators Ven Nyanaponika, Bodhi, Sujato, Brahmali, Analayo.

Please refrain from depreciating researchers other people mention, and let everyone make up their own minds. Thanks!

Wherever possible I try to give links, e.g. to, where with a free account you can access many of their papers.

  • Tse-fu Kuan, link
  • Mark Allon
  • Alexander Wynne, link
  • Bhikkhuni Dhammadinna, link
  • Eviatar Shulman, link
  • Alice Collett, link
  • Brett Shults
  • Linda Blanchard, link
  • Marcus Bingenheimer, link
  • Anne Carolyn Klein, link
  • Robert Sharf, link
  • Jonathan Silk

Thanks, great idea. Maybe we can make this a wiki topic? Perhaps include a brief description of specialities?

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A wiki should be helpful. Do you have an idea for categories @sujato? That might be difficult.

Topic-oriented could be historic/geographic context (Bronkhorst…), Pali/linguist (Gombrich, Norman…), oral transmission (Allon…), Chinese Agamas (Analayo, Kuan…), Women in Buddhism, Gandhari, Archeology, Other comparative studies
But that would simplify the work of some of the scholars who were very broadly oriented.

Or just an alphabetical list with specialties and selected recommendations of up to three items? This would have less structure, but maybe that’s the easier way, and also more open to easily add new names…

I would think a plain alphabetical list would be better, for the reasons you mention. There’s not a huge number, there’s no need to make it overly complicated.

What a wonderful idea!
Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu!


@sujato, Bhante could you please look at the wiki, the content is there, but your formatting abilities are much better than mine. Please also feel free to correct anything, esp as I took the freedom to include you in the list. Thanks

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