Contribute to Indonesian translations

Greetings Bhante,

Firstly, i want to say a big thank you for building up this community and it really helps me learning the sutta. Before i found this site, i always carried the books everywhere and it’s really heavy to bring it while traveling.

I’m Ardhika from Indonesia; It’s been a year since i started reading the Sutta after a meditation retreat and it gave me lots of knowledge. I’m interested in translating the Suttas into “Bahasa Indonesia” as I’ve seen a lot of Suttas that have not been translated to Bahasa Yet.

If possible, may i know the requirement on how to become a contributor.

Thank You,


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Hi Ardhika,

Thanks for your support, its always nice to hear that we are making a difference.

And thank you for your kind offer of help. In fact, Indonesian is one of the better-supported languages in translation, and there are more than one translation of most of the suttas. On SC we have, so far, DN, MN, and AN, and we hope to increase that in time. We have been working with the Indonesian translator, Indra Anggara, to make these available. He has more translations on his site DhammaCitta, and we will bring them on to SuttaCentral. Meanwhile, why don’t you check out what’s available there and see if there and still any gaps you’d like to fill.


Terima kasih, Ardika!

I’ve put adding the texts from DhammaCitta to SC is on my to-do list.
It would be very helpful if you can find other translations on the web that we can use, or translate them yourself, and then let me know so I can prepare them for SC.

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Indra has been preparing his translations for us, checking them as he goes. We should email him before just grabbing the texts.

Thank you for the clarification Bhante. I will do that.

Good Evening Bhante and Ayya,

In Indonesia we have 2 groups of translator and each of them has some good and bad translation.
I’ve been reading all those books by comparing English version by Bhikkhu Bodhi and 2 Indonesian Version which are Sambodhi and Dhammacitta.

My teacher Bhante Vimalaramsi told me to start learning Pali and try to learn Directly from Pali.

I’ve seen a lots of thing that need to be put in Samyutta and Khuddhaka.

Thank You :smiley:

Okay, well, it would be great to help improve the translations. As you may know, I am currently in the middle of a long term project to retranslate the entire Pali Nikayas in English. To do this, we are developing a web app specifically for translating Pali into the world’s languages. At the moment, this is not ready for public use, but when it is, it will, I believe, be of great assistance.

Several people have offered to help with translations, and my messgae to them has been, why not spend the time learning Pali. By, say the end of 2016 or mid 2017, we should be ready to deploy our software for public use.

Of course it is not necessary to use oiur software, but it will have a lot of advantages!