Corrections to Snp 3.9

In SC 3:

Then, as the young brahmins Vāseṭṭha and Bhāradvaia were walking and wandering for exercise this subject of discussion arose between them.

Also, in SC 10, SC verse 602:

The subject of “birth”, O Gotama,
is contention’s cause with us:
he, a Bhāradvāja, does declare
“birth” is due to brahmin caste,
while I say its by karma caused:
know its thus, O One-with-Eyes.


Thanks for this.
The first one: Bhāradvaia, seems clearly a mistake and I have corrected this.

As for the verse I am not so sure. This kind of use of the English language is not something I know much about. It seems to me that the first its is correct (or should it be it’s?)
The second instance I would think should be it.
@sujato, can you have a look please?

Yes, it should be it’s then it.

Thanks. It’s done and should show up on the site shortly.