Could I still enter the stream?

Hello everyone do you think it is possible to become a sotapanna while competing in Full contact kickboxing? I have always loved kickboxing and I plan to compete soon but I also love Buddhism and would like to at least become a sotapanna in this life time.


Well, General Siha became a stream enterer… so why shouldn’t a kickboxer?
… (And no, I haven’t forgotten Angulimala, just thought that example too trite!)


SÄ«ha the general became one who had seen the Dhamma, attained the Dhamma, understood the Dhamma, fathomed the Dhamma, crossed over doubt, gotten rid of bewilderment, attained self-confidence, and become independent of others in the teaching of the Teacher.

I believe that practice questions aren’t really meant to be discussed on this forum, but with the moderators indulgence …

Have you got enough time left in this life to do both? How do you know? Which one is more important to you? Prioritise that one, and try not to limit yourself (to sotopanna) if you choose the eightfold path. You’ll know when your everyday mundane deeds are limiting your progress in dhamma if you pay attention.


When I practiced the martial arts, I practiced Aikido, which teaches defenses, not attacks. I practiced the martial arts to learn how to deal with and defuse my own underlying tendency to anger and self-assertion. That martial arts practice did indeed help me to a certain extent.

Yet what blocked me from further progress on the martial arts path was the doubt that my practice was effective. The better I got at Aikido, the greater my doubt. I see a similar doubt in your post as well, so I will say a little more. With greater skill, one becomes uncertain whether the effectiveness of technique comes from relinquishing self or from acquiring and grasping at skill. If I am taller than my partner, was my technique effective because of height or because of technique itself?

This doubt grew and grew in me until I stopped martial arts practice and started rock climbing. With rock climbing, no human can possibly vanquish a mountain. At best we might be granted a temporary new vista from at peak. Indeed, practicing rock climbing did require additional relinquishing of self-centeredness simply because one must be aware of and support ones partner. “My life depends on you” is a stark truth in rock climbing. Yet even that practice with mountainous partners did not suffice and doubt remained as my skill grew.

I was recently introduced to the suttas by Khemarato Bhikkhu and am now quite happy.

In response to your own question about kickboxing, one might consider where such delight grows from. Look to that delight, relishing and continued existence, for that is suffering and that is to be let go.

MN1:171.4: Because he has understood that relishing is the root of suffering, and that rebirth comes from continued existence; whoever has come to be gets old and dies. That’s why the Realized One—with the ending, fading away, cessation, giving up, and letting go of all cravings—has awakened to the supreme perfect Awakening, I say.

You might enter the stream with kickboxing, but eventually that too will be swept away as you cross.


Absolutely it’s possible, but first you must paying attention to Saddhamma (true Dhamma). When you understand this Dhamma, you’re a stream entrant

Thank you everyone for your answers and I apologize to the moderators for asking a question about practice.


May all be diligent.


The question could rather be formed like Am I by practicing mindfulness, capable of reaching one moment of absolute clarity to this reality?

One moment is enough, and I think we all can do it, but we can’t plan for it to happen.