Could you comment on this translation and assertion re Mahāvacchagotta Sutta?

I’d love to get your feedback re the translation below (text in quotation marks) from
the Mahāvacchagotta Sutta

and also on the assertion that precedes it (a quote from my own article).

I’ve seen this translated in a few places and so am pretty confident this translation is right…but would love to be 100% sure:

In a conversation with the wanderer Vacchagotta recorded in the
Mahāvacchagotta Sutta in the Majjhima Nikāya, the Buddha implies that his
female and male followers are equal in accomplishment: “far more” than
five hundred of his nuns, and “far more” than five hundred of his monks
have already been enlightened.

“[F]ar more” than five hundred laywomen, and “far more” than five hundred laymen “with the destruction of the five lower fetters, will reappear spontaneously [in the Pure Abodes] and there attain final Nibbāna without ever returning from that world”

(Mahāvacchagotta Sutta, MN 73
MN 73, trans. Ñāṇamoli and Bodhi The Middle Length Discourses 595-602/i490- i497