Courteous, deferential, polite to one another

This is following Ven. Kassapa’s recent Sutta Reading at BSWA:
He read out many passages and two of them was from Khandhaka Kd.16.6 ( [SBE Part III Page 193,4][PTS Vol 5 Page 225,6, pdf version, also on Suttacentral]:

bhūtapubbaṃ, bhikkhave, hima­van­tapa­desemahānigrodho ahosi. Taṃ tayo sahāyā upanissāya vihariṃsu—tittiro ca, makkaṭo ca, hatthināgo ca. Te aññamaññaṃ agāravā appatissā asabhā­ga­vuttikā viharanti.
IB Horner: “Formerly, monks, there used to be a large banyan on a slope of the Himalayas. Three friends lived near it: a partridge, a monkey and a bull-elephant. These lived courteous, deferential, polite to one another.
Rhys Davids: 'Long ago, O Bhikkhus, there was a great banyan tree on the lower slopes of the Himālaya range; and near it there dwelt three friends — a partridge, a monkey, and an elephant. And they dwelt together without mutual reverence, confidence, and courtesy.

makkaṭo ca hatthināgo ca tittiraṃ etadavocuṃ—‘tvaṃ, samma, amhākaṃ jātiyā mahantataro. Taṃ mayaṃ sakkarissāma garuṃ karissāma mānessāma pūjessāma, tuyhañca mayaṃ ovāde patiṭṭhissāmā’ti.
IB Horner: … the monkey and the bull-elephant spoke thus to the partridge: ‘You, friend, are the eldest of us by birth. We will respect, revere, reverence, honour you and we will abide by your advice.’
Rhys Davids: the elephant and the monkey said to the partridge, "You, friend are the oldest of us all. Henceforth we will honour and reverence and esteem and support you, and by your counsels will we abide.

The Sacred Book of the East hardcopies are my versions (which is the main reason why I looked it up) and appears to have been translated correctly compared with PTS version!?


Indeed, it looks like Horner’s translation is in error.