Creating a Retreat Guide/Index Website

I was thinking today about how it would be so nice to have a website that displays all of the Buddhist retreats happening during the year. That way, one could filter out retreats according to tradition or method and pick which one works best for them. This would be much easier than going to each individual center/monastery website to figure out when one can go on retreat.

I’d be happy to spearhead this project if it weren’t for my profound lack of web design/coding/purchasing a domain knowledge. If anyone is interested in helping start something like this, please let me know. Or if there’s already a website like this I’d love to see it!

With much metta. :heart:


I managed to locate a website that does this. It’s called “google”, I don’t know if you’ve heard of it?

I am so sorry, I couldn’t resist! Please forgive me, I am all alone here, with no-one to snark at.

If you don’t like google, there’s this:

Honestly, this sounds like a huge amount of work, for little benefit. But hey, just my 2 cents.


:joy: This legitimately made me laugh, Bhante. How much longer will you be on your translating sabbatical in Taiwan? And can we find you a snark buddy?

This is a good website, but it only lists retreat centers as opposed to individual retreats.

I dunno, I would find it useful, but it would indeed be a lot of work.


@Brenna: Just to warn you , let me refer to my post here.


A while.

Unlikely. Few can withstand the withering force of my snark for long.

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