Culadasa, The Mind Illuminated

I’ve recently purchased and began reading “The Mind Illuminated” by Culadasa. Anyone familiar with his work? I wanted to see if I could get some people’s opinions on it, and him.

I own the book-- read about the first 100 pages. It feels technical, perhaps overly so, and dry. Nothing really wrong with the technique he teaches, its fairly standard vipassana. For books of this ilk, I found Ajahn Brahm’s Mindfulness, Bliss and Beyond most approachable.

Yes, I have it. It draws on some classic stuff like the Visuddhimaga. Very detailed, maybe too much so? Well-written, though, nothing to disagree with on my part. I was delighted to see that the author had taught neuroscience; I enjoy the intersection of the ancient and the new (or more recent, anyway).

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I have this book as well. I hold it dear and it spells things out in painful detail, which I sometimes need :stuck_out_tongue:

It does take its inspiration insofar as the “stages” layout from a Tibetan meditation text as well as the Visuddhimagga, and includes several variations of jhana.

Overall, I very much recommend it.

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