Cut in half, new brain, memory retained - planarians!

Very interesting case of planarians which, once cut in pieces, result in pieces becoming new individuals. Research suggests memory or habits seem to be retained even though new individuals result from pieces without brain! :grimacing:

Does it support or complicate the model of dependent originated existence ??


i haven’t studied the particular experiment but i recently entertained the idea of cutting people (A & B) in half and putting them together as one, a sort of Frankenstein, thus creating conditions for the arising of consciousness that is neither taken to be that of the person A nor of the person B.

I think in theory it is analogue to a part of a man and part of a woman coming together to create conditions for the arising of consciousness [in a womb] that isn’t taken to be neither mother nor father. The only difference is that in the thought experiment the “parents” die, whereas they usually survive in the case of a normal conception.