Daily wisdom walking the path with the Buddha

Is any one familiar with David Roylance and daily wisdom his podcast/YouTube channel

He was my intro into what I’m unsure is either Theravada or early Buddhism. Although I really appreciate his teachings for what they have done for my personal growth I will not be upset to criticisms, I’m only here to learn


A little research shows this teacher appears to be orthodox Theravada and so appropriate for beginners, just as Vipassana or other approaches may be in establishing a basic practice, but “life practice” would be an overestimation. It is also commercially oriented, the following for example is true but over-simplified in its implied time frame, a sales pitch:

“The mind can be trained to completely eliminate such discontent feelings as sadness, anger, frustration, irritation, annoyance, guilt, shame, fears, loneliness, boredom, shyness, jealousy, resentment, stress, anxiety, and all other negative feelings that cause the mind to be discontent and experience suffering.”

I’m currently taking Teacher David’s online course and I’m really enjoying it and learning a lot. I was skeptical at first but I don’t have a Theravada or EBT teacher so I checked out some of his classes and he’s authentic. He has a direct teaching style I really enjoy. His style reminds me of the old Dragnet TV show when detective Friday would say “All we want are the facts, ma’am" and that’s what I get with Teacher David when he quotes EBT Suttas. I’ve been studying Vajrayana for awhile on my own so it’s refreshing to learn the Dhamma in a systematic way without a lot of fluff. I also don’t see much commercial value to Teacher David’s teachings as everything is free including all his books when downloaded. I do understand that his website, fb page etc has some flashy advertising but I’m all for spreading the Dhamma in as many ways as possible even if we’re just planting Dhamma seeds :pray:t4:

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From his website:

These efforts will culminate into restoring The Path to Enlightenment back into the world so that all of humanity can experience Enlightenment evolving the human species to one where every being has the opportunity to attain Enlightenment creating “heaven on earth”.


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Seriously SDC, that’s all you have that warrants a red flag. Teacher David has hundreds of hrs of video on YouTube, has written 13 books and has answered hundreds of students questions and you can only come up with this one thing YOU don’t like. I don’t agree with everything he teaches but then again I don’t agree with everything anybody says or teaches including the Buddha. Plus I don’t see anyone else sharing the Pali Canon in the systematic way he does, or spending as much time as it takes to answer all of the students questions. :pray:t4: