Dalai Lama on Guru Chela and Indian Knowledge

Just sharing something on the Dalai Lamas’ sense of humor and intention.

" Before Buddhism reached Tibet in the 7th century, we had our own traditional religion that was not very sophisticated. In the 8th century, a top scholar of Nalanda, Santaraksita, was invited to Tibet where he established Tibetan Buddhism according to the Nalanda tradition. Uptill my generation, we studied the Nalanda tradition extensively. All our main texts were written by Nalanda philosophers. Therefore, I consider Indians to be our gurus. But now I think the chela has become the guru. I am dedicated to the revival of ancient Indian knowledge in this country. We should be committed towards creating a draft about secular ethics that can fit in the secular educational field. We are now thinking seriously about this ancient knowledge that we have kept intact. We are determined to share it with Indians, the traditional owners of this knowledge. In my lifetime, I want to preserve and revive ancient Indian knowledge. The modern Indian is completely ignorant about these things. People follow rituals but don’t study them. They need to be studied rigorously. We are already thinking on those lines. At monastries and institutions, we should set up study groups where not just nuns or monks but even lay students can come and learn."

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(Dalai Lama: Prayer doesn’t bring a peaceful world. We can pray for a thousand years and nothing will happen | India News,The Indian Express)

"“Tibetan Buddhism tradition is the true Nalanda tradition that uses reasoning extensively and takes a logical approach,” said Dalai Lama.

“The Nalanda tradition makes extensive use of investigation on the basis of reasoning. ‘Tsema, Tsema’, taking a logical approach,” he added.

Previously, Tibetan Buddhism was described as Lamaism. Now, more and more people recognise that the Tibetan Buddhism tradition is based on a logical approach. Therefore, a number of scientists are also now showing interest, said Dalai Lama.

He also lauded the efforts of Bob Thurman, an American Buddhist author and academician who created Tibet House in New York.

“Organisations like Tibet House have been very useful and very helpful in making clear what Tibetan culture is, what the Tibetan way of life is, and what Tibetan Buddhist tradition is. Bob Thurman, you and your wife have really worked in a very meaningful way. So, first of all, I want to thank Bob Thurman, and then those people who have helped him,” said Dalai Lama.

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