Date of ancient ruins

Does anyone have references for how old the ruins ofJetavana monastery and the Buddha’s hut near Savatthi are? Particularly, whether they actually date to the time of the Buddha or are later structures.

I’ve looked online and can’t find specific archeological dating information.

With thanks :pray:

They are certainly later structures. [I’ll let others cite. I’m on my way to alms round]


That’s my impression too, but I couldn’t find specific articles or citations about the structures and their dates.

Just found the answer at :

"Ruins at Saheth, which are supposed to represent Jetavana, are spread within an inegular enclosure. Archaeological excavations conducted at regular intervals since 1863, have brought to light plinths and foundations of numerous Buddhist structures including stupas, monasteries and temples among which Gandha Kuti, Kosamba Kuti and recently exposed stupa-cum-tank complex n the northwestern side are most significant.
Most of the earliest structures, at the site date from Ist cent. A.D. i.e. Kushan period, many of them rebuilt or renovated in later times. The latest constructions with intact plan of a monastery are assignable to eleventh-twelfth centuries and attributed to queen Kumardevi of Kannauj. "