Daydreaming - does it cease with progress on the path?

I was wandering to what extent does the progress on The Path influence daydreaming - or more importantly, the fading away of it. For me, daydreaming always came quite easily, especially in my childhood, but it still persists. It mostly seems to play a role of engaging the brain when I’m in a boring situation (long queue, boring meeting) or just when I’m very tired psychically and unable to do anything more productive.
Daydreaming is not really a big problem for me, it doesn’t interfere with my daily life, It’s just that sometimes I realize how much time (and also energy) gets wasted this way without any real benefit.
Is there a point, where daydreaming ceases completely, or is it a process that always happens, even if you fully realized The Path?


Unless I am wrong, when you are fully realized you have Right Samādhi, therefore there is no more day dreaming.

I will assume that my practice is similar to that of most people around here and say that the more you meditate and follow the path, the less you daydream. I prefer to meditate than to fantasize or evaluate possible outcomes on things. This is not always the case and it really depends on how ‘serious’ I am about the practice and that varies on a day to day basis.

But overall I would say that the more you practice, the less you get distracted.

I wonder if there is much of a difference between ‘daydreaming’ & ‘papañca’. I think the first is probably one sort of the second.