Democracy dies in darkness


I think everything has its own domain. I cannot expect mindfulness to find me the answers to quantum field experiments. Whether those scientists can be trusted is an ancillary issue.


Nothing is permanent and things always keep changing, this is what I learnt from Buddha, the climate also has to change why are we so busy blaming ourselves and others for this, those who did harm will get penalized their karma will take care of it, isn’t that right?


Here’s an imperfect analogy: Say you’re standing in a park and talking with a friend. A series of people walk by, each leaving a paper cut on your friend’s arm. Would you explain to your friend that while they may be in pain and bleeding, since everything is impermanent there’s nothing to be concerned about? Or would you try to clean and bandage the wounds while doing your best to prevent new ones?


You should definitely help any being in need regardless he is your friend or not.

Climate change is different topic simile for which I can refer which Buddha used to give to the Brahmin traditions of his time with a mango tree and neem tree and tell Brahmins to do all the puja and mantras on neem tree to produce mango fruits. Will all the chanting and all the ceremonies which can be done stop climate change or bring back the climate to the normal where it should be?


Karma shouldn’t lead to a defeatist attitude! It’s an explanation of only one cause of multiple causes that could lead to an outcome. It really should be enabling wholesome action. But we cannot always control what other people think…


If the planet becomes unable to support human life, there might be aeons of suffering and waiting for opportunity to work towards liberation. But it might be more skillful to make efforts toward harmlessness.

Is this consisent with Dhamma?