Dependent Origination in terms of conventional truth or teaching (Vohara Desana) and Ultimate truth or teaching (Paramattha Desana)?

It appears many of my doubts and questions about Buddhism is the result of not being able to marry the teaching of conventional truth and the ultimate truth. For instance, when we take Jati in Dependent Origination, in terms of Vohara Desana it applies to the physical rebirth of a person. However, in the ultimate sense, there is no person then who is re-born? Ultimate sense what is re-born is the attachment, aversion, and ignorance. We can apply this duality to all 12 links of DO. Actually, this dilemma is very similar to the problem of scientists who are trying to understand the relation between the universe and the atoms.
Does Dependent Origination cover both conventional teaching and Ultimate teaching?

Remind me of sn12 12 SuttaCentral

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from the above:

“But, Phagguna, with the remainderless fading away and cessation of the six bases for contact comes cessation of contact; with the cessation of contact, cessation of feeling; with the cessation of feeling, cessation of craving; with the cessation of craving, cessation of clinging; with the cessation of clinging, cessation of existence; with the cessation of existence, cessation of birth; with the cessation of birth, aging-and-death, sorrow, lamentation, pain, displeasure, and despair cease. Such is the cessation of this whole mass of suffering.” SN12.12

When the sense bases Cease, and no future craving has an opportunity to arise, it becomes clear there will be no future rebirth of the five aggregates. I believe there is a sutta which say it is the five aggregates that are reborn, paraphrasing.

Is it possible to have beings les than five aggregate?
What about Arupavacara realms?

I didn’t say the five aggregates were a ‘package’. They are the five most misapprehended as a self or being, and any any one of them can be mistaken for the self. I read one sutta which omitted rupa in the Arupa realm or dimensions.