Designing a website

hi. I am starting a new dhamma website.
this page is of exceptional design so I thought someone here might know.

does anyone know good resources for designing websites? Platforms or whatever they call them for designing?

Good websites are a lot of work. They are also built out of many different components. You can take a look at the implementation of SuttaCentral to get an idea of what’s involved.

Generally speaking, starting a new website from scratch is like climbing Mount Everest–some of us die getting there. But there are easier ways to go online. One of the easiest is to use an existing platform such as FaceBook. Here is the link to an Australian dhamma website..

I’m a fan of Google’s Material Design specs (SuttaCentral adheres to those guidelines afaik).

Google offers a free lightweight “kit” to get started with:

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This will definitely help with the UI shell. A good dhamma site also supports content search, content navigation and ongoing discussion. Those require back-end components. E.g., SuttaCentral uses Discourse, Elastic Search, Lucene, Pootl, etc. You’ll need to take care of those back-end connections as well.

May I ask, what kind of site do you want to build?

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There are a lot of great, free bootstrap designs available on the internet that you can rely on as the core of your design and improve upon incrementally instead of building the whole thing ground up. Just Google “free bootstrap design”.

There are also some great color palettes out there if you are unfamiliar with color theory:

i’m not certain yet.
probably there will be video content.
maybe a Q and A forum.
i’m going to start learning some design skills…