Dhamma and Commerce - Petition?

Following the discussions in the ‘Dhamma and Commerce’ thread (not sure how to link it…): what about circulating a well-prepared petition and send it to Wisdom Publication and/or Bhikkhu Bodhi?

The petition could simply ask for a free digital edition (PDF, etc ) of each Pali Canon books (DN, MN, SN, AN, Sn). It would be a win-win situation for everybody. If enough people show their support it might work.

Would that be a possibility? Or maybe it has already been done?

On a personal note, I really like their Pali Canon books, just watching them on my desk makes me want to open them and read them! :slight_smile: So I would continue to buy the printed version, even if the digital version is free online. But having a searchable PDF is invaluable for studying the texts. I really hope they will make free PDFs one day.

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With the efforts of Bhante Sujato coming to fruition shortly (!!!) I don’t think this would be worth the bother.

It’s going to come soon enough, and we most likely will have the primer here on Sutta Central. ^_^.

That’s enough for me to build up an extra reserve of patience (in case bhante gets delayed or anicca takes a byte at something in between).


Well, I don’t think that something so targeted is necessarily a good idea; after all they are only one of many publishers doing this.

But I wonder whether it might be useful to do some sort of awareness-raising? In part, I have been trying to raise awareness in my own small way, but to reach out to a larger section of the Buddhist community in some way might be good. I don’t really know what form that might take. And maybe it’s unnecessary, if we have free translations available anyway. Still, i think it’s worth thinking about at least.


I am sure they are already aware of the concerns raised by the public.
Should we make a formal complaint?
I think we should if we see that their action inhibit the Dhamma Propagation.
More to the point, if we see that their copyright will discourage future translators and their action amount to a monopoly in Dhamma.

As a more productive approach, perhaps consider approaching the IBS:

In their original plans, they proposed a panel on copyright issues. I am not sure if this gained any traction. But to affirm the role of the Sangha as traditional custodians of the texts, and the status of Buddhist scripture as being in the public domain for the benefit of all sentient beings, is, I think, a good starting point.


On the practical side, agree. But I thought it was a question of principle? If it is, then having free translations available or not is not that relevant.

Having said that, I am actually quite happy with keeping things as they are and not spending time and energy on such a battle! I don’t have the soul of an activist :sweat_smile: