Dhamma by cola: body contemplation, death & rebirth

Sometimes I’m prone to a few issues with sleep. Though knowing it’s not necessarily the best response, after giving it a while I’ll often turn to my Podcast app.

While still awaiting the launch of SC podcasts (happily, now something of a possibility in the way off whenever) one show that has come to win my affection is 99% Invisible.

The latest (highly quirky and not especially representative) episode, Everything is Alive, inadvertently touches on enough Dhamma themes, I figured I’d share for the amusement and contemplation of those so inclined.


Quirky indeed! :rofl:

Quoted from the site description
“Later, on a trek to Thailand, listeners learn about how locals leave out strawberry Fanta for ghosts, a modern-day replacement for ancient blood offerings. So while ostensibly hearing about the life of a single cola can, expect to dive deep into the history of sodas but also related subjects, ranging from funny to deeply philosophical.”


What can I say, I’ve learned the life of cola can be profound! Also, I’ve now gained a little extra motivation to be kind and practice well, lest I get reborn as a can of minestrone soup. :grinning: