Dhamma doodles 😁


thank you for your permission Yoda.
when i come to use them, I’ll let you know how it goes.

If I put together any story or presentation with them I’ll share them back here.


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You really make me laugh!!!

Great interpretation of this verse!!! :rofl: :joy:


By the way, further enlightening the ignorant: Is this blue guy with the antennas another star wars character (probably not with shaven head… )? :thinking:


:grin: It’s a Star Trek character.

It’s funny how among the four chief disciples, Khema and Sariputta are both so analytical, while Uppalavanna and Moggallana are said to have had blue skin. Did the EBTs know about Star Trek? Surely this can’t be a coincidence? :vulcan_salute: :wink:


This could be the shrine of Tilorien monastery! :grin: :heart:


Cutting off the root of the five aggregates

Thag 1.120
The five aggregates are fully understood,
They remain, but their root is severed.
I have realized the end of suffering,
And attained the end of defilements.


One of my favorites! Thank you :heart:


Very cool. The nun/monk is obviously pretty skilled with a lightsaber! :wink: All you need now is a spooky “dark side” cave! :darth_vader:


There was an weapon in ancient India which was circular (chakram). The dhammacakra at the nun’s side could have been thrown at the defilements.


with metta


Yodha, your style reminded me of Ajahn Kalyano’s style from his 2 books.



Thanks for sharing this, I hadn’t seen these books before! :heart:


The cold winter nights

Thag 2.44

“Your skin is nasty but your heart is good,
Mogharāja, you always have samādhi.
But in the nights of winter, so dark and cold,
How will you get by, monk?”

“I’ve heard that all the Magadhans
Have an abundance of grain.
I’ll make my bed under a thatched roof,
Just like those who live in comfort.”



Thag 2.39

I arranged a robe on my shoulder,
The colour of young mango sprouts;
Then I entered the village for alms,
While sitting on an elephant’s neck!

But when I dismounted from the elephant,
I was moved by inspiration—
At first I was burning, but then I was peaceful;
I realized the end of defilements.


Here you go: :wink:


Thag 2.34

I’ve seen lay disciples who have memorized discourses,
Saying “Sensual pleasures are impermanent”;
But they are passionately enamoured of jewelled earrings,
Desiring children and wives.

To be honest, they don’t know Dhamma,
Despite saying “Sensual pleasures are impermanent”;
They don’t have the power to cut their lust,
So they’re attached to children, wives, and wealth.


A picture is a thousand words.

Could this be interpreted as lay life and the dhamma, or lay life wthout the dhamma? :wink:

with metta


If only I’d had an elephant on pindapat today. :joy:


:rofl: Yes, that’s what Ayya @Vimala and I also thought…
But imagine all the extra food you’d have to collect to feed the elephant. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think the second verse might give you a little hint there. :wink:


Ah! Applicable to some bhikkhus too.

now pasanna, sensuality… :rofl:

with metta


Rahu and the moon

Thig 1.2

Mutta, be free from ties,
as the moon is freed from the demon Rahu:
with mind completely freed, without debt,
enjoy your alms-food.

(Norman translation)