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Garland of stars

Thag 2.37

Night, with its garland of stars,
Is not just for sleeping.
Those who are conscious will know
That night is also for waking.

If I were to fall from the back of an elephant
And be trampled by the tuskers that follow,
Better for me to die in battle,
Than to live on in defeat.


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The crow

Thag 2.16

There’s a big black woman who looks like a crow.
She broke off thigh-bones, first one then another;
She broke off arm-bones, first one then another;
She broke off a skull like a curd-bowl, and then—
She assembled them all together, and sat down beside them.

When an ignorant person builds up attachments,
That idiot returns to suffering, again and again.
So let one who understands not build up attachments:
May I never again lie with a broken skull!

If anyone is interested, Bhante Sujato discusses this verse here.


What does R.I.P. stand for?

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Rest In Peace”, which is a common phrase with Christian origins in English-speaking countries. The acronym R.I.P. is actually probably used more than the underlying phrase. For example, the primary online death notice website here is: www.rip.ie!


Young novice :sparkling_heart: :sparkles: :heart:

Thag 6.10

I had just gone forth,
I was seven years old,
When I overcome the dragon king, so mighty,
With my psychic powers.

And I brought water for my mentor
From the great lake Anotatta.
When he saw me,
My teacher said this:

“Sāriputta, see this
Young boy coming,
Carrying a water pot,
Serene inside himself.

His conduct inspires confidence,
He is of lovely deportment:
He is Anuruddha’s novice,
Excelling in psychic powers.

Made a thoroughbred by a thoroughbred,
Made good by the good,
Educated and trained by Anuruddha,
Who has completed his work.

Having attained the highest peace
And witnessed the unshakable,
That novice Sumana
Wants no-one to know about him.”


Turtles go to heaven

Thig 12.1

[Punnika:] I’m a water-carrier, cold, always going down to the water from fear of my mistresses’ beatings, harrassed by their anger & words. But you, Brahman, what do you fear that you’re always going down to the water with shivering limbs, feeling great cold?

[The Brahman:] Punnika, surely you know. You’re asking one doing skillful kamma & warding off evil. Whoever, young or old, does evil kamma is, through water ablution, from evil kamma set free.

[Punnika:] Who taught you this — the ignorant to the ignorant — ‘One, through water ablution, is from evil kamma set free?’ In that case, they’d all go to heaven: all the frogs, turtles, serpents, crocodiles, & anything else that lives in the water. Sheep-butchers, pork-butchers, fishermen, trappers, thieves, executioners, & any other evil doers, would, through water ablution, be from evil kamma set free.

Ajahn Thanissaro translation


Giving and sharing

Iti 26

Bhikkhus, if beings knew, as I know, the result of giving and sharing, they would not eat without having given, nor would they allow the stain of meanness to obsess them and take root in their minds. Even if it were their last morsel, their last mouthful, they would not eat without having shared it, if there were someone to share it with.


Empty places

Iti 45

“Live enjoying seclusion, bhikkhus; live delighting in seclusion, engage in practising inner mental tranquillity, not neglecting meditation, possessing insight, and frequenting empty places. If you live enjoying seclusion, bhikkhus, … and frequenting empty places, one of two fruits is to be expected: final knowledge here and now or, there being some residual defilement, the state of non-returning.”

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Human Life

Iti 109

“Suppose, bhikkhus, a wo/man was being borne along by the current of a river that seemed pleasant and agreeable. But upon seeing her/him, a keen-sighted wo/man standing on the bank would call out to her/him: ‘Hey, good wo/man! Although you are being borne along by the current of a river that seems pleasant and agreeable, lower down there is a pool with turbulent waves and swirling eddies, with monsters and demons. On reaching that pool you will die or suffer close to death.’


Finally I have examples to show you.

Flowers candles an incense for a leaving gift and the Mother’s Day card I made my mum


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Last night I did a guided meditation, and a rather long Dhamma Q&A at a friend’s house (I’m currently visiting family here in Canada, my home country), with a small circle of friends. @vimalanyani , one of your Jedi Sisters was there with her green light saber!

I showed her your art in this thread, and she loved it. She had the most questions about Buddhism of all.


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Because Ven. Yodha is unavailable right now, I’m posting one that was not posted before:

Dhp 369

Ch-Dhp T210.34 verse 9
Bhiksu! bail water out from the boat!
When empty within, it becomes light.
When greed, hatred and ignorance are removed,
This is Nirvana.

Pali verse 369
Empty this boat, O monk!
Emptied, it will sail lightly.
Rid of lust and hatred,
you shall reach Nibbana.


ooooh, love this one, one of my favorite doodles yet, thanks for posting Ayya @Vimala

Dhp 413

Ch-Dhp T210.35 verse 31
S/he whose mind is joyful, stainless
Like the moon in its fullness,
Who is free from defamation,
Is indeed a brahmana.

Pali verse 413
S/he, who, like the moon,
is spotless and pure, serene and clear,
who has destroyed the delight in existence—
her/him do I call a holy wo/man.