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Four types of persons

AN 4.95

“Mendicants, these four people are found in the world. What four? ~One who practices to benefit neither themselves nor others; ~one who practices to benefit others, but not themselves; ~one who practices to benefit themselves, but not others; and ~one who practices to benefit both themselves and others.
… The person who practices to benefit neither themselves nor others is like [a firebrand], I say.
The person who practices to benefit others, but not themselves, is better than that. The person who practices to benefit themselves, but not others, is better than both of those. But the person who practices to benefit both themselves and others is the foremost, best, chief, highest, and finest of the four.


Still not enlightened yet — Impatience :wink:



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No fire like lust

Dhp 202
There is no fire like lust
and no crime like hatred.
There is no ill like the aggregates
and no bliss higher than peace.


Successive Dhamma teaching

Iti 39
“There are, bhikkhus, two successive Dhamma-teachings of the Tathāgata, the Arahant, the Fully Enlightened One. What are the two? ‘See evil as evil’— this is the first Dhamma-teaching. ‘Having seen evil as evil, be rid of it, be detached from it, be freed from it’—this is the second Dhamma-teaching. These, bhikkhus, are the two successive Dhamma-teachings of the Tathāgata…”



Thag 12.2

I was born in a low-class family,
Poor, with little to eat.
My job was lowly—
I threw out the old flowers.

Shunned by people,
I was disregarded and treated with contempt.
I humbled my heart,
And paid respects to many people.

Then I saw the Buddha,
Honoured by the Saṅgha of monks,
The great hero,
Entering the capital city of Magadhā.

I dropped my carrying-pole
And approached to pay respects.
Out of compassion for me,
The supreme man stood still.

When I had paid respects at the teacher’s feet,
I stood to one side,
And asked the most excellent of all beings
For the going-forth.

Then the teacher, being sympathetic,
And having compassion for the whole world,
Said to me, “Come, monk!”
That was my full ordination.

Staying alone in the wilderness,
Without laziness,
I did what the teacher said,
As the conqueror had advised me.

In the first watch of the night,
I recollected my previous births.
In the middle watch of the night,
I purified the divine eye.
In the last watch of the night,
I tore apart the mass of darkness.

At the end of the night,
As the sunrise drew near,
Indra and Brahmā came
And paid homage me with hands in añjalī.

“Homage to you, thoroughbred among men!
Homage to you, supreme among men!
Your defilements are ended—
You, sir, are worthy of offerings.”

When he saw me honored
By the assembly of gods,
The teacher smiled,
And said the following:

“By austerity and by the holy life,
By restraint and by taming:
By this one is a holy man,
This is the supreme holiness.”


Looking Inside (1)

Looking Inside (2)


Beautiful! Both visually and in meaning :heart:


Oh yes, to both of these.


I was expecting a ‘looking inside’ drawing with both angels and demons. :slight_smile:

with metta


It takes a good bit of courage to look over the edge of such a precipice—this is very realistic! I already start feeling a bit dizzy when just looking at the pictures… :worried:


As if their head was on fire

Thag 1.39
As if struck by a sword,
As if their head was on fire,
A monk should go forth mindfully,
To abandon desire for sensual pleasures.


The joy of monastic life

MN 66
This is called the bliss of renunciation, the bliss of seclusion, the bliss of peace, the bliss of enlightenment. I say of this kind of pleasure that it should be pursued, that it should be developed, that it should be cultivated, that it should not be feared.


How will I get by?

Thag 6.2
“The rice has been harvested,
And gathered on the threshing-floor—
But I don’t get any alms-food!
How will I get by?”

“Recollect the immeasurable Buddha!
Confident, your body pervaded with rapture,
You’ll always be full of joy.


The uses of faith against fear is little known

with metta :lotus:


True, but together with wisdom it’s probably the most effective antidote.


Snare of Death

Thag 4.1
There’s a dancer along the highway,
Dancing as the music plays;
They’re adorned with jewellery and all dressed up,
With a garland of flowers and perfume of sandalwood.

I entered for alms,
And while going along I glanced at them,
Adorned with jewellery and all dressed up,
Like a snare of death laid down.

Then the realization
Came upon me—
The danger became clear,
And I was firmly repulsed.

Then my mind was liberated—
See the excellence of the Dhamma!
I’ve attained the three knowledges,
And fulfilled the Buddha’s instructions.


The dancer is listening to “Walk Like an Egyptian” by the Bangles, right?


I was thinking of something like this: :wink: :



I’m a great meditator!

Thag 1.112
I have the three knowledges, I’m a great meditator,
Skilled in serenity of mind.
I’ve realized my own true goal,
And fulfilled the Buddha’s instructions.