Dhamma doodles 😁



is perfect .


Sticky — Escape from Samsara


Willy Wonka was Mara? Now I know why that movie gave me the creeps!




Exactly! Thanks @SCMatt! Mara personified.





Wow! Tilorien opening this week. Congratulations Venerables!

Meanwhile doodling and bushwalking have been some of my more wholesome distractions during Rains. I gave away a lot of my doodles without photographing them but captured these ones.

I have since been given non-lines notebook for doodling :slight_smile:


So happy to see a Dhammasara doodle! :heart: :heart:
Although I have never seen “dewy moss” there, just dry dusty “rocky crags”. :slight_smile:

Please say hi to the venerables there from me.


And from me too! :heart::tulip:


My internet connection is sketchy too. So here’s the 2nd one.

There was lots of moss but it’s all drying up now. Many many beautiful wildflowers now though. Another month or two until it’s a dust bowl.


Buddha teaching Dhamma

On that occasion—the Uposatha day of the fifteenth, the full-moon night of the Komudī full moon of the fourth month—the Blessed One was seated in the open surrounded by the Sangha of bhikkhus. Then, surveying the silent Sangha of bhikkhus, he addressed them thus:
“Bhikkhus, this assembly is free from prattle, this assembly is free from chatter. It consists purely of heartwood. Such is this Sangha of bhikkhus, such is this assembly. (MN 118)


Wander alone like a rhinoceros
(Snp 1.3 Rhinoceros-sutta)


My favourite sutta :smiley::anjal:


Tilorien Monastery: We are open! :smile: :tada: :balloon:

These grey kutis only exist in our dreams so far. The small one might be finished before the winter if we are lucky. The larger double kuti is still a long way away. We have the building permit but no funds yet. But hopefully one day we’ll be able to build that too.


Hello. This is my first post ever.

Somehow I had discovered and read a great deal at SuttaCentral without realizing that it had a forum. And I’d been coming here for months! Then a couple of days ago I discovered this wonderful online community.

I’ve had an idea, and I think it’s probably okay, but I’d like to ask permission to be sure. I’d like to publish @sujato 's translations of the suttas in paper-bound books with @yodha 's artwork on the covers. There will be a very brief forward that explains what these books are and that points readers to SuttaCentral. (I will say very little in the way of commentary because I am nothing like an expert, and I am certainly not a bhikkhu.)

I will then give these books away for free by leaving them in Little Free Libraries and other book-sharing places around where I live and work. My real name will not appear anywhere, and I will bear all the costs of production without making any money on the project.

Is this an ok use of the material? If not, just let me know.


You are welcome to use the doodles, and there’s no copyright on them anyway.

It sounds like a really great project and our monastery would certainly be interested to have one or two copies of these books. :heart:


Welcome to the forum, Gus! :slightly_smiling_face:

Your project sounds wonderful. Best of luck.


Hi Gus
Congratulations on your first post - and what an motivating post it is. Great idea to put venerables wonderful doodles into a book. I had thought about a colouring book of them as they are so warmly playful. I love them. Good luck with your project.
Hope to see the finished product.
Fellow Sutta Central reader - Robyn


Hi Gus,

Welcome, and thanks so much, it sounds like a great idea. We’d be happy to give you technical support in preparing the files.