Dhamma doodles 😁


The doodles deserve to delight more people, and putting each with its relevant sutta is a lovely idea.

& welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


What a lovely idea.

Could this also perhaps be available in virtual form for many? I would love to see it, and give it away too… and your generous intention might benefit very many indeed… :slight_smile:


I’ll let you know when I have files for distribution. I’m working on them now.


Drowning in tears

SN 15.3
The stream of tears that you have shed as you roamed and wandered through this long course, weeping and wailing because of being united with the disagreeable and separated from the agreeable—this alone is more than the water in the four great oceans.


I remember being profoundly struck when I first read that one, “yeah, sounds about right.”

Still, in effort to take the edge off a little, this morning I discovered it is possible to cry from happiness, so perhaps they’re not aaaaall tears of misery.

As ever, much thanks Ven. Yodha.


It’s so true, it’s so true… it’s actually quite silly to expect anything else from this Samsara! Why should of all things just my situation right now turn exactly the way I’m wishing… ???

So be happy with what I have, and do my thing as best I can—that’s what I can do!


Life in samsara – Walking on thin ice


lol why does the bird have a santa hat? And is it Mara?


I think I may have been inspired to draw that hat when someone (jokingly) offered to buy a santa hat for our Buddha statue the other day. It’s getting quite cold over here…
And it seemed like the picture was missing some color.

The bird could be Mara, or just a fellow being going about its business and inadvertently causing problems for you, because its actions have consequences that affect you…


It strikes me that there are 4 forms of water in this pic… > a world/water in continual transformation… while we try to find our way on the perpetually transitional ‘thin ice’ :slight_smile:

Thank you :smiley:


Only showing the way

This doodle is inspired by a simile from Zen Buddhism

The finger pointing to the moon

The Buddha told Ananda, “You still listen to the Dharma with the conditioned mind, and so the Dharma becomes conditioned as well, and you do not obtain the Dharma-nature. It is like when someone points his finger at the moon to show it to someone else. Guided by the finger, that person should see the moon. If he looks at the finger instead and mistakes it for the moon, he loses not only the moon but the finger also. Why? It is because he mistakes the pointing finger for the bright moon.”
From the Shurangama (not an EBT, quoted from

and a simile from MN 107 (The road to Rajagaha)

MN 107

When he had spoken, Moggallāna the Accountant said to the Buddha: “When his disciples are instructed and advised like this by Master Gotama, do all of them achieve the ultimate goal, extinguishment, or do some of them fail?” “Some succeed, while others fail.”

“What is the cause, Master Gotama, what is the reason why, though extinguishment is present, the path leading to extinguishment is present, and Master Gotama is present to encourage them, still some succeed while others fail?”

“Well then, brahmin, I’ll ask you about this in return, and you can answer as you like. What do you think, brahmin? Are you skilled in the road to Rājagaha?” “Yes, I am.” “What do you think, brahmin? Suppose a person was to come along who wanted to go to Rājagaha. He’d approach you and say: ‘Sir, I wish to go to Rājagaha. Please point out the road to Rājagaha.’ Then you’d say to them: ‘Here, mister, this road goes to Rājagaha. Go along it for a while, and you’ll see a certain village. Go along a while further, and you’ll see a certain town. Go along a while further and you’ll see Rājagaha with its delightful parks, woods, meadows, and lotus ponds.’ Instructed like this by you, they might still take the wrong road, heading west. But a second person might come with the same question and receive the same instructions. Instructed by you, they might safely arrive at Rājagaha. What is the cause, brahmin, what is the reason why, though Rājagaha is present, the path leading to Rājagaha is present, and you are there to encourage them, one person takes the wrong path and heads west, while another arrives safely at Rājagaha?” “What can I do about that, Master Gotama? I am the one who shows the way.”

“In the same way, though extinguishment is present, the path leading to extinguishment is present, and I am present to encourage them, still some of my disciples, instructed and advised like this, achieve the ultimate goal, extinguishment, while some of them fail. What can I do about that, brahmin? The Realized One is the one who shows the way.”


Love this and its inspiration.

Better to turn back and start again then continue on to a wrong destination!


This doodle is about not accepting one’s limits and pushing oneself too hard… :weight_lifting_woman: :hole:

Overwhelmed — Everything is just too much


Are those toilet plungers? I have experienced that feeling of being overwhelmed by all the **** going on in the world.


Wide open are the doors to the deathless!

SN 6.1

Flung open are the doors to the deathless!
Let those with ears to hear decide their faith.


Thank you, this was exactly what I needed right now! :anjal:


With little dust in their eyes

SN 6.1

Let the Blessed One teach the Dhamma!
Let the Holy One teach the Dhamma!
There are beings with little dust in their eyes.
They’re in decline because they haven’t heard the teaching.
There will be those who understand the teaching!


Knowing and seeing and hearing this…

Life in any world is unstable, it is swept away.
Life in any world has no shelter and no protector.
Life in any world has nothing of its own; one has to leave all and pass on.
Life in any world is incomplete, insatiate, the slave of craving.

Knowing and seeing and hearing this, I went forth from the home life into homelessness.
MN 82


All paths

AN 10.22
I am able to teach the Dhamma in appropriate ways to different people. … And they will know or see or realize it in whatever way it should be known or seen or realized. …The Realized One truly understands where all paths of practice lead.


Just being here