Dhamma doodles 😁


It’s the season for giving presents, and here’s one I made for someone, and for all of you. :gift:

Thanks for your encouragement with the Dhamma Doodles, and wish you all a Happy Year 2019!



Thanks so much for doodling for us! And wishing you a very good year 2019! :blossom: :orange_heart:


Quite so!

I’ve found so many of them say exactly how it seems to me, in a way words can’t quite manage. Much thanks. :anjal:




Wow, so great to see other people sharing their dhamma doodles too! :heart_eyes:

I’ve been away on retreat with Ayya Visuddhi for ten days and had a blissful time.

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I’m thinking about a new series of “Vinaya Doodles”. This is my first try:

The 8 Parajikas (offenses that lead to immediate disrobing)



I thought there were only 4 parajikas?


Nope, there are eight:


I see. For bhikkhus there are 4, for bhikkhunis there are 8. I assumed you’re a bhikkhu! Now I believe you are a bhikkhuni. :anjal:


This is so utterly brilliant! May I give my warmest encouragement for the series to continue, 1) because it is a marvellous enterprise in and of itself, and 2) contrary to an idea that I’ve heard repeated a number of times, from my PoV the Vinaya can be a matter of great interest (and more to the point value) to the whole Buddhist community not just monastics.

There’s just one slight down side I can see with this work: I might get to feel a bit morally compromised being so uplifted by depictions of poor conduct. Murder doesn’t usually inspire me to extended fits of laughter, but I must confess, it has happened here.


Just to clarify: If I continue the vinaya series, I will doodle all the rules of both the bhikkhu and the bhikkhuni patimokkha, i. e. all the 23 sanghadisesas, 2 aniyatas, 42 nissaggiya pacittiyas, etc.

To explain these numbers:
For the sanghadisesas, we have 7 shared rules, 10 rules for bhikkhunis only, and 6 rules for bhikkhus only, thus 23. Likewise for the other classes of offenses…

According to the suttas, well-trained monastics should be familiar with both patimokkhas, so I’ll doodle them all.


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Looking forward to learning more about it. I have the intention to eventually translating into Portuguese the bhikkhuni vibhanga as well! :anjal:


Is this how it’s pronounced!?


No it was a typo
Tks for noticing it. :smile:


:laughing: just kidding!


Thanks @Viveka for splitting the thread. Seems like I’ll have to rethink my plan to make vinaya doodles. The bhikkhuni patimokkha always leads to so much debate… :sweat: :face_with_head_bandage:

Also, I’ve been meaning to mention the anonymous mod or admin who used their supernormal tech powers to allow this thread to continue past 500 replies. Much thanks! :smile: :yellow_heart:


I have stopped

MN 86 (Aṅgulimālasutta)
“Stop, stop, ascetic!”
“I’ve stopped, Aṅgulimāla—now you stop.”


Ooooooh I LOVE this sutta. Those words send chills up my back. And they have deep personal meaning having seen both sides. Thank you!

“Now you stop”