Dhamma doodles 😁


I say make 'em anyway! :grimacing: There’s at least one nun’s community I know that is practicing all of the Bhikkhuni patimokkha as is. If they came across the doodles, they’d probably appreciate it.


Please don’t stop :slight_smile: it enables deeper understanding and investigation - beneficial things ! :smiley:


:sweat: :face_with_head_bandage: about sums it up!

It is not uncommon that when people leave the forces, or the police they go into private protection work. Now that I’ve hung up my mod gloves, if it would help to see these doodles come into being for the benefit of those who would benefit, I’d be willing to offer my services to safeguard the Doodle thread and and eject any flappy nonsense. I will happily charge my standard rate of nothing! :smiley:


Ok. I can’t resist. Three cheers for Aminah the Dhamma Doodle Bouncer!
Hip hip!



Hooray! Go, @Aminah, go!


Requested by @Gus: a DN 16 doodle, Mahaparinibbanasutta. :grin:

Farewell Tour


This is so excellent!

I have a proof copy of the third and final Middle Length discourses on hand, and I’m going through it for typos and layout issues now. The Longer Discourses volume is in draft, and it will be done very soon. I look forward to putting this image on the cover. It’s perfect.


I’m glad you like it.

I have a larger file of this doodle (3.9 MB). If that would be useful for printing, let me know, and I’ll send it to you.


I’ve had no troubles so far, but it can’t hurt to have a bit higher resolution. I’ll send you my email privately.


Foolish Teachers

DN 12

Take a teacher who has not reached the goal of the ascetic life for which they went forth from the lay life to homelessness. They teach their disciples: ‘This is for your welfare. This is for your happiness.’ …
It’s like someone who abandons their own field and presumes to weed someone else’s field.


Random question—did you make these yourself, @yodha? They’re great!

Crochet Mendicants


Yes, I made them myself.


I have been motivated to doodle lately.
The new Anagarikas wanted a cleaning check list that was ‘more fun’ this has led to the suggestion we doodle our whole korwat. Yikes!

And then to help me remember pabbajja stuff… or distract me from pabbajja anxiety.



There is an amusing bit of dramatic tension in the “check for mice”. One isn’t exactly sure what to do about this eventuality! :scream:




This is indeed fun, and also for me! The different features of the Dhammasara kitchen are easily recognizable for one who has been staying and working there for some months—and they arouse very fond memories! Please give my warmest regards to all those who remember me, especially to Ven. Ajita who then was working in the kitchen as Anagarika while I was there. :heart:

In fact, if the “check for mice” is neglected it might turn out not very well for a mouse who is sitting in the trap. If it doesn’t get detected it will starve right there; and if detected, while I was there we would take them to the forest and release there. :mouse2:

All the best wishes for that!!! :crossed_fingers: :anjal:


Heehee. Getting ready then??


Ah! You have humane traps then, not these awful maiming traps that I see in the store. :heart:


Dhammasara is a monastery that follows the Buddha’s teaching… :heart: