Dhamma doodles 😁


I say make 'em anyway! :grimacing: There’s at least one nun’s community I know that is practicing all of the Bhikkhuni patimokkha as is. If they came across the doodles, they’d probably appreciate it.


Please don’t stop :slight_smile: it enables deeper understanding and investigation - beneficial things ! :smiley:


:sweat: :face_with_head_bandage: about sums it up!

It is not uncommon that when people leave the forces, or the police they go into private protection work. Now that I’ve hung up my mod gloves, if it would help to see these doodles come into being for the benefit of those who would benefit, I’d be willing to offer my services to safeguard the Doodle thread and and eject any flappy nonsense. I will happily charge my standard rate of nothing! :smiley:


Ok. I can’t resist. Three cheers for Aminah the Dhamma Doodle Bouncer!
Hip hip!



Hooray! Go, @Aminah, go!


Requested by @Gus: a DN 16 doodle, Mahaparinibbanasutta. :grin:

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