Dhamma doodles 😁


I’d leave that Tiger Mouse strictly alone. :fearful:


Really helpful…! Is there a someone there who’s into art?


Sage at Peace

‘One should not neglect wisdom, should preserve truth, should cultivate relinquishment, and should train for peace.’
‘The tides of conceiving do not sweep over one who stands upon these [foundations], and when the tides of conceiving no longer sweep over him he is called a sage at peace.’ … And the sage at peace is not born, does not age, does not die; he is not shaken and does not yearn. For there is nothing present in him by which he might be born. Not being born, how could he age? Not ageing, how could he die? Not dying, how could he be shaken? Not being shaken, why should he yearn? (MN 140)


I drew these but I can’t say it’s ‘art’.
One of the Venerables was a fine-artist in her lay-life. Maybe she counts. :smiley:


Inspired by my recent move to Sri Lanka: :palm_tree: :sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny: :sweat_smile:

It’s too hot

It’s too cold, too hot,
Too late,” they say.
Those who neglect their work like this—
Opportunities pass them by. (Thag 3.5)


Where are you residing in?


Around Kandy.


Ah the place of my where my first meditation centre is located is nearby. It’s has one bhikkhuni fluent in English and many ten preceptors. Ven Chandra is the head nun and must remember me.


Sounds great. If I get the chance, I’ll visit the place. Thanks for letting me know!


It would be cool if a .gif could be used to demonstrate impermanence and to be used as an object of meditative contemplation!


I think both your’s and Yodha’s drawings have a sense of peacefulness about them.


Could you elaborate a little more what you have in mind? I’m happy to adapt the gif…


Hello! I’m traveling around Sri Lanka now, actually heading to Kandy tomorrow! Would be nice to meet you!


I’ll send you a PM.


Ideas of Compassion in Asia and the West


As a young child beginning to think about religion on the aspects that made me disinclined towards Christianity was that they chose Christ on the Cross to symbolise them - a torture and murder. Martyrdom.


To me Doodle #244 is such an excellent example of why, aside from fun and silliness, I think these doodles can be so incredibly powerful and instructive. To my senses, #244 absolutely nails (please excuse the incidental pun) the psychological foundation all of us in Christendom (prefer this term to “the West”) have inherited irrespective of our personal/familial a/religious background.

I think I’m going to have to print this one out and staple it to my forehead. I’m sure that’s the best way to learn the lesson! :wink:



Yes, I felt the same way. I got the idea for this doodle the day I arrived in Sri Lanka. The mentality here is just so completely different from back in Europe, or from my experiences in the US and Australia. Christianity has influenced Western societies on so many levels, and unless you immerse yourself in a totally different culture, you won’t even see how much we all are conditioned by these values and role models - regardless of whether we identify as Christians ourselves or not…



Hmm, it will be somewhat difficult for you to see the doodle there… Unless you are planning to walk around with a mirror? :wink:


Ah, but the staples would reinforce the point. Twice. That would be quite acceptable as atonement.