Dhamma doodles 😁


:rofl: I’ve had dengue fever twice already. I think I’m immune now…


Buddha — Supreme Physician (MN 92)


Painful but better than the disease!


I have been doodling a bit over the last few month and thought I’d share today’s doodle. It’s not sutta based, however, it was this thread that got me doodling again after many years without picking up the pen. I wasn’t going to post any of these up, but have been encouraged by one of the other nuns to do so. These doodles have been a nice way for me to think about practice and how I relate to my mind.

It did have a caption but I’m going to leave it blank for your own interpretation


Beautiful :slight_smile: and so many great ways to interpret it :smiley:

Sending lots of metta your way Ven @Pasanna


It speaks to me. Do please share others. :slight_smile:


Pīti — Happiness


Bleeding feet

The Buddha’s teaching to Sona, who did walking meditation until his feet were bleeding…:

AN 6.55

“What do you think, Soṇa? When you were still a layman, weren’t you a good harp player?”

“Yes, sir.”

“When your harp’s strings were tuned too tight, was it resonant and playable?”

“No, sir.”

“When your harp’s strings were tuned too slack, was it resonant and playable?”

“No, sir.”

“But when your harp’s strings were tuned neither too tight nor too slack, but fixed at an even tension, was it resonant and playable?”

“Yes, sir.”

“In the same way, Soṇa, when energy is too forceful it leads to restlessness. When energy is too slack it leads to laziness. So, Soṇa, you should apply yourself to energy and serenity, find a balance of the faculties, and learn the pattern of this situation.


Since I walk meditation, I was curious about Sona’s bleeding feet. It took me a while but here are Sona’s bleeding feet.

Thank you for today’s study! :pray:


I have an inflamed ligament in my ankle at the moment from too much walking meditation.
So take care and don’t overdo it! :grin:


Mental defilements—Sitting on a dormant volcano


Oh dear oh dear! I think this one is the best yet. :smiley:
That volcano is going to blow.


Left for good

SN 41.4

Then Citta the householder approached the Venerable Mahaka, paid homage to him, sat down to one side, and said to him: “It would be good, venerable sir, if Master Mahaka would show me a superhuman miracle of spiritual power.”
“Then, householder, spread your cloak upon the verandah and scatter a bundle of grass upon it.”

Then, when he had entered his dwelling and shut the bolt, the Venerable Mahaka performed a feat of spiritual power such that a flame shot through the keyhole and the chink of the door and burnt the grass but not the cloak. Citta the householder shook out his cloak and stood to one side, shocked and terrified.

Then the Venerable Mahaka set his lodging in order and, taking bowl and robe, he left Macchikāsaṇḍa. When he left Macchikāsaṇḍa, he left for good and he never returned.


Single-minded determination




I made the “single-minded determination” doodle, and had a mini-burnout the next day… :sweat_smile: :roll_eyes:
So I had to draw this one:

Trying to hard


How about… did you draw one for the monk who was advised to ‘calm down’ by the Buddha, for exerting too much energy?


Do you mean “Bleeding feet” from 3 weeks ago?

Or another doodle?


Fear of letting go


Interesting that this topic beat the heck outa the rest in terms of popularity with 598 comments and 17.6k views. :face_with_monocle:
Not sure what…if anything this says about our collective consciousness-if there is such a thing as collective consciousness-but if it does say something about us, um…I’m hoping someone will explain it to me.:woozy_face::thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::money_mouth_face::sunglasses: