Dhamma doodles 😁

LOL, a friend of mine suggested to turn them into a coloring book! :rofl:


I’m a bit disturbed today by some of the opinions on nuns and rape expressed in another thread.
So this doodle is about: Bhikkhunī Uppalavaṇṇā and the rogue!


“Having gone to a sal tree with flowering top,
You stand at its foot all alone, bhikkhunī.
There is none whose beauty rivals yours:
Foolish girl, aren’t you afraid of rogues?”

Bhikkhunī Uppalavaṇṇā:
“Though a hundred thousand rogues
Just like you might come here,
I stir not a hair, I feel no terror;
Even alone, Māra, I don’t fear you.

“I can make myself disappear
Or I can enter inside your belly.
I can stand between your eyebrows
Yet you won’t catch a glimpse of me.

“I am the master of my mind,
The bases of power are well developed;
I am freed from all bondage,
Therefore I don’t fear you, friend.”


I think that is a great idea. Can you imagine a free distrubition colouring book about nuns in the foyer of monasteries and Dhamma centres? What a great way to engage with people :heart_eyes:


Lol, that’d be a fun thing to make!

Here’s what it looks like in color: :grin:

Magic and wonders, inspired by AN 3.60


Heavenly beings visit

Then when the night was advanced, radiant heavenly beings illuminated all of Jeta’s grove…

:vulcan_salute: Dīghaṃ jivatu, ijjhatu ca. :vulcan_salute:

(Please excuse my somewhat deficient Pali. If anyone can improve on it, I’d be very grateful!) :grin:


Hmm…I could see a kids lapping this up - a bed time story book, perhaps? Better than tele-tubbies?


“Solitary” meditation in a cave


Oh, I love them all but especially this one! Thanks so much for sharing these Dhamma doodles. they make me smile.


These are wonderful. When I get back from my current travels I would like to print these for the kids who visit us with there parents for dāna. They’re normally glued to iPads


Thanks, I’m glad you both like them.
@Pasanna, I’d be very interested to hear the reactions of people when you give them the doodles. Depending on the age of the kids, they might not care at all, but maybe it will serve as a discussion starter for a dhamma conversation with the parents. It would be great if you could share your experiences here or on the “using art to teach dhamma” thread.
If it turns out that there is some interest and this is helpful, maybe at some point we’ll actually look into making a small free distribution doodle booklet or so… or just a pdf file… :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you all for your encouragement and for bearing with my doodles for so long! There are already ten doodles on this thread! :heart_eyes:
To celebrate this momentous occasion, I have a doodle challenge for you today:
If you can identify the sutta depicted in today’s doodle, please leave a post or send a PM. If it’s correct, I’ll make a doodle of your favourite sutta passage or dhamma quote (terms and conditions apply :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).


MN 23 Vammika sutta.
Though I don’t remember a light saber in there!


:tada: :tada: :tada: :confetti_ball::sparkles::balloon::dizzy:
That’s right! Let me know your favourite sutta or dhamma quote!! :grin:

‘Satthan’ti kho, bhikkhu, ariyāyetaṃ paññāya adhivacanaṃ.
The light saber is a symbol for noble wisdom.

I love this sutta because it’s so full of symbolism, much less explicit and structured than ordinary suttas. More for creative, intuitive people I think.


Smokin’ by night, blazing by day - it’s the story of my life! :joy:
Yay! Love your work. I’ll think upon it and get back to you soooon


@Santacari is this something you could incorporate in the new Sunday school program?


Would love to use them if the artist here (yoda) allows us to. Although this last one might be a bit complicated for the littlies the older kids could benefit.


I loved the ‘Magic and wonders’ picture- the colours are great. I wonder if children would like a colouring book too? I can see 2-6 year olds colouring this in or leafing through it, as they are much more visual (you don’t have to limit it to bhikkhunis, as wonderful as they are! :slight_smile: ).

Maybe an small/short introduction to the life of the Buddha or topics like kindess, metta, generosity, etc…

with metta,


Dmp 387

“The sun shines by day, the moon shines by night. The warrior shines in armor, the holy man shines in meditation. But the Buddha shines resplendent all day and all night.”

The thought of the Buddha’s radiance makes me happy. :heart_eyes:


:heart: :sunflower:
So my doodle challenge has turned into a challenge for myself! I have never drawn the Buddha because I’m not sure how to represent him adequately in a silly doodle… But I’ll see what I can do. :grin:
Will take a few days though…


Sure, no problem. Would be great if you could share your experiences in the “using art to teach dhamma” thread afterwards.
I have more doodles, so if you need any specific topic, let me know in advance and I’ll see what I can do.

Even grown ups on this forum seem to like them. So the colouring book doesn’t need to be limited to little children :grin:

They don’t only show bhikkhunis, except for the one about Uppalavanna. They were designed to be just human. (Though I don’t mind if people want to see them as bhikkhunis…) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not good at writing children’s stories but if anyone feels called to do that, please go ahead!
Or this could turn into a little book for adults, with doodles and dhamma quotes, similar to what people have done with dhammapada verses before. Plenty of options and ideas… :sweat_smile:

We are only 11 doodles into this thread, so it’s probably way too early to make any such plans. But I don’t use money and don’t have a large organization behind me, so any such undertaking would depend on donations and volunteers.