Dhamma Talks on Insight Timer

Hello Venerables and lay practioners.

I’m not sure if you’re aware. There is a new feature on Insight Timer where you can have Bhikkhus upload dhamma talks. Ajahn

For example:

https://insighttimer.com/peacebeyondsuffering - Ajahn Achalo (He has a ton of talks on Insight Timer that are so inspiring)

https://insighttimer.com/bhikkhujayasara (New Monastic but is providing a ton of material on youtube and insight timer sharing the dhamma)

https://insighttimer.com/ajahnsucitto (Ajahn Sucitto only has a couple of talks at this point)

Originally, there were only guided meditation, but now there are dhamma talks. I think this is wonderful and could really help spread the dhamma the Ajahns from this monastery in Australia uploaded their talks as well as other Ajahns.

I would love it if this expanded. Millions of people use Insight Timer every day and it would be wonderful if the Dhamma was shared to balance out the new age stuff and give people real teachings that can help them eliminate their suffering.