Dhamma wheel or dhamma eye?

sutta SN 56.11, perhaps the most important of all suttas in the Canon, is known as the turning of the wheel (dhammacakka). Towards its end, it is stated that after hearing the teaching, Kondaniya gained the eye of dhamma (dhammacakkha). Is this a coinsidence? Has anyone noticed the closeness of the words? Has there been any scholarly work on this?

And with irony, the system did not allow me to title this post dhammacakkha / dhammacakka because the words are too similar…


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A picture is worth a thousand words… notice anything? :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

Cakka is defined here and Cakkhu here. They are both etymologically similar, probably because they look the same… think of the London ‘Eye’ for example!