Dhammasaṅgaṇī in German uploaded

Part 1 of the German translation of the Dhammasaṅgaṇī has been uploaded.
This was translated by Ven. Ñāṇapoṇika Thera in the Dheradun prisoner-of-war camp in India in the second world war. With thanks to Ven. Agganyani for supplying us with the manuscript and to the Pali Text Society for their consent to use it. Together with Ven. Agganyani we are planning to publish this manuscript in book-form in the next year.


Thanks so much, Ayya, this is a remarkable achievement, I know how much work went into making this available.

It’s not done yet … the main work is yet to come in scan & OCR the remaining pages and making the actual book. :grinning: