Dictionary rendering of Bhikkhuni

I was looking at the Therigatha and comparing it with the ati Thanissaro English translation, when I hovered over Bhikkhuni with the really helpful dictionary and got the definition Bhikku: a buddhist monk + na: not.
um … a monk … not

? I’m hoping that is some kind of error. yes?

Hi Ayya,

Lovely to see you here!

It is indeed a mistake, and a bad one at that. We will rectify this soon. @blake, I think this is worth making a hand edit to our Dictionary to ensure it doesn’t happen.

Meanwhile, Ayya, it is really helpful when commenting on a specific text if you give the exact canonical SuttaCentral reference for the text. You can see this in the address bar of your browser, in this case thig1.1, or you can format it Thig 1.1.

As you can see, this automatically creates a nice link from here to the text, so anyone can easily check it. It also creates a corresponding link in the sidebar on SuttaCentral itself, so people there can find this discussion. Neat, huh?

Thank you Bhante, nice to have found this place

I will be happy to put the reference in correctly in future. It is pretty neat the way that it flags a conversation about it the side bar.

I suppose I could have also put a reference to the sutta in the title of this thread so that it becomes more obvious to anyone clicking the link from the sutta bar which conversation contains the reference.
My title doesn’t make any obvious connection to thig 1.1

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