Did you loose perception of smell because of meditation?

From more 8 years ago I became aware that I dont smell as much as before.

Be careful then. If you keep meditating the way you do, you might not see or hear as much as before too.

Statistically, this is more likely to be a symptom of Covid-19 :speak_no_evil:


The chain of causality is often hard to discern.

There’s substantial research supporting the theory that one’s smell can have an impact on everything from emotions to sexual attraction.

That reminds me of a famous Dr. Johnson anecdote:

‘As Samuel Johnson paused to rest on a London park bench one hot summer’s day, his profusely sweating bulk caused a young woman sitting next to him to accuse him of smelling. “No, Madam,” he replied. “You smell, I stink.”’


There is decades of scientific research on senses in humans and comparative studies in different mammals and vertebrates. Sense of smell is quite low in the hierarchy for humans in terms of sensitivity or how evolved or devolved it is. Our system has preferentially adapted and enhanced visual perception at the expense of other senses. I just thought you might be interested in knowing more about this.

To your point about the effects of meditation on any of the senses, isn’t the phrase “…faculties become clear…” mentioned hundreds of times in the suttas in connection with meditation? If anything, it should be the opposite of what you are suggesting.


Yes I know that. But thats the end. What if its someone karma that it happened on the way? Well I thought its meditation because I couldnt taste. And taste and smell is connected. So maybe the taste went back to normal then it messed the nose. Like the body was shocked by sudden experience. Maybe

I’ve had a weak sense of smell my entire life.

I’ve noticed that sometimes after meditation, if I get very relaxed, I smell more things.

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The U.S. is still losing hundreds of people a week due to Covid 19. 4% of the world population, but 16% of the pandemic deaths.


Bhante we are talking of something way back. Thanks.

Sanyasa Upanishad

When shall I attain similarity to a stone by (practising) distinctionless deep meditation (Nirvikalpa- Samadhi) when, while remaining dumb by the peace of partless meditation, birds of the forest will build their leafy nests on my head ?

Naadbindu Upanishad

Beyond this, is the (Asabda) soundless Para-Brahman which is Paramatman. The mind exists so long as there is sound, but with its (sound’s cessation) there is the state called Unmani of Manas (viz., the state of being above the mind).

The body in the state of Unmani is certainly like a log and does not feel heat or cold, joy or sorrow.

Prashna Upanishad

Hence this person does not then hear, does not see, does not smell, does not taste, does not touch, does not speak, does not grasp, does not enjoy, does not eject, does not move. People say, “He is sleeping.”

Yes lately I smell better. Doing many other things.

As we age sense of smell change also.

But in suttas there is what these lesser upanishads say about loosing sound. I think it was Buddha didnt hear thunder.

Most probably know of that experience of listening as a background and still your mind is like a rock while meditating. Well the deeper you go the worst it probably gets

He says “From more 8 years ago”.

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Only four more senses, and you will be there!!