Difference, 31 Realms of Existence

I came across difference in the 31 Realms of Existence in 2 (two) books ie. The 31 Planes of Existence by Ven. Suvanno Mahathera (2001) and History of Indian Buddhism by E. Lamotte (1988). I found out that:

  1. ASURA do not exist in the Lamotte book, History of Indian Buddhism but exist in Ven. Suvanno book, The 31 Planes of Existence
  2. There are 8 Realms in The 4th Jhana of Lamotte book but there are only 7 Realms of Ven. Suvanno.
    Somebody can explain, please. In case, I am hallucinating, please forgive.

The Sarvastivada tradition had 33 planes of existence.
There are two more planes on rupa-brahma realm. It also fill in the gap of age that exist in theravada version of 31 planes.
Somewhere in theravada version, the age of form beings jump from 64 kalpa to 512 kalpa.
The sarvastivada insert 2 planes that had 128 and 256 kalpa.

Asura is always contentious topic. One say it is in deva realm and not separate planes.
One insert it in lower realm.
Another seek compromise and insert it between human and deva.

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