Different Bodhi trees of past & future Buddhas at Sri Lankan temple, EBT references?

I visited a famous temple in Sri Lanka called “Muthiyangana Raja Maha Viharaya” and I was drawn to a display garden where they had small trees of different species and under each was a Buddha statue with a description of the name of the Buddha and the species of tree under which they attained enlightenment.

Is there EBT references to the names of the species of different Bodhi trees which the monks have used at this temple to construct this display?
I couldn’t find a picture of the display garden online unfortunately.

I have been there and seen this too! It’s worth a trip if you are ever close by. Of course the stupa is important too.

Their Google listing has some great photos and a few of the bodhi tree garden. They are the ones with the small gold-roofed statues.

As far as I know the suttas only refrence the previous six Buddhas and their bodhi trees. The rest come from the commentaries. Perhaps Ven. @Suvira would know.


For reference, the 28 bodhi trees in the Buddhavamsa Atthakatha - 28. Buddhapakinnakakatha - Vemattakatha (§ Bodhivemattam). Definitely commentarial.

I saw a list of the names of the parents of the 29 (=28+Maitreya) Buddhas circulating in Sinhala once, and my reaction was, how do they even know that?

@Snowbird is right, the seven Buddhas are mentioned in the suttas at DN14 in the Mahāpadānasutta.


Shameless plug… On SuttaFriends.org we have tried to include photos of the different trees when you hover over the names in DN 14.

Thanks for the info!