Discourse given to Naga Muchalinda

My old brain with failing memory cannot remember and find the sutta in which the Buddha gave a teachings to Naga Muchalinda after the latter sheltered the Buddha from the rain after he got enlightened.

The essence of the discourse was: there are many kinds of happiness but the best is freedom from desires.

Thanks in advance. :pray:

Muccalinda Sutta: About Muccalinda: Ud 2.1

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Thank you so very much! :pray:

I couldn’t find it on SuttaCentral with the keyword Muccalinda. I had to manually go to Ud 2.1.

Perhaps @moderators could kindly do something with the search function? :sparkling_heart:

So, the moderators are just responsible for the forum (that’s already a huge responsibility!) so they can’t do anything about the actual suttacentral.net site.

One problem is that you put two c’s in Mucalinda. However, Google’s first result is the one you want, even with 2 c’s.

There are several discussions here about search. But at this point, the advice is mostly to use google for now. If you want to only get results for suttacentral, you can add site:suttacentral.net to your google search.

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