Discourse stats

In the last month, @Anagarika and myself have experimented with posting discourse posts on Facebook.
I started a page for our organisation Samita ASBL (the new nun’s monastery in Belgium that Bhante Sujato is the spiritual adviser of).
For those of you with a Facebook account, it is here: Samita ASBL - Home | Facebook
So please go there and like / share posts! :anjal:

This has resulted in a large growth in the last month. The figures are below.

Then with the help of @SCMatt, I started posting in Buddhist groups on FB since yesterday. That has resulted in a doubling of the number of page views just in one day. So I will keep on doing this and will report back at the end of this month with updated figures.

If anybody wants to help with sharing things on various Buddhist groups, please let me know. As a dev for SC as well as setting up the new monastery in Belgium, it is becoming a bit much for me.

Page views:

New Discourse users:

And this speaks for itself: (BTW who is posting on Reddit?)