Discourses mentioned in other suttas

What are the discourses (most) quoted within other suttas? For instance, MN 21’s simile of the saw is directly referenced in MN 28. I know there are more examples, but I can’t recall them at the moment.

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I think we made a longish list in Authenticity of the Early Buddhist Texts, so you could check there.

A rare but interesting case is where suttas are quoted, but they don’t exist. I came across an example yesterday in MN 47.

NOTE: This passage has been bugging me, so i have moved it to its own thread.


You did indeed; pp. 79-81.

Thank you, Bhante.

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I don’t know if references from the Theragāthā are of interest here, but in Thag6.12 both the simile of the saw and the simile of the son’s flesh (SN12.63) are mentioned (I didn’t spot it in the list above so figured I’d add it).


Thanks, Aminah!

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