Discovering these resources as a beginner

My gratitude

I wanted to express my gratitude for the resources provided here at Sutta Central and the Forum. I am entirely astounded by the completeness and accessibility of the EBT provided.

I am a beginner here, just recently realized my desire to dive into these teachings. I have only spent a few hours exploring the Suttas, as well as the GitHub repository of awesomeness, and I felt compelled to express my excitement.

Im excited because throughout my brief studies of the Suttas, there were many mentions of parallels within EBT; parallels that are packaged within the domain of EBT. However, my excitement sprouted from realizing the parallels between EBT and another field of study I’ve been practicing just about my whole professional life: programming.

I’m unsure if this is appropriate or if this belongs on the forum here, so I would understand if the moderators removed this post - but if the contributors to these resources read this, thank you so much for the work you’ve done here. I’m inspired.

- Sam


Hello and welcome, @Veggie !

On behalf of the moderators, I want to express our hope that this site is of benefit to you on your path. Should you need any assistance, please feel free to reach out to us at @moderators.

With metta,

On behalf of the moderators


The Buddha’s recommended method for progressing in knowledge of the suttas is to use what is already understood as a basis, then compare new material with it and see if a connection (agreement) in meaning is evident. The following also applies to reading:

“When, on observing that the monk is purified with regard to qualities based on delusion, he places conviction in him. With the arising of conviction, he visits him & grows close to him. Growing close to him, he lends ear. Lending ear, he hears the Dhamma. Hearing the Dhamma, he remembers it. Remembering it, he penetrates the meaning of those dhammas. Penetrating the meaning, he comes to an agreement through pondering those dhammas. There being an agreement through pondering those dhammas, desire arises. With the arising of desire, he becomes willing. Willing, he contemplates (lit: “weighs,” “compares”). Contemplating, he makes an exertion. Exerting himself, he both realizes the ultimate meaning of the truth with his body and sees by penetrating it with discernment.”

—Majjhima Nikaya 95

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