Discuss and Discover - Noise reduction

I think it is best to split this into 3 sub section.

  1. Discussions with the Sutta is tagged
  2. Discussions where the Sutta reference or title appear in the subject
  3. Discussion where they appear in the body

Each division being progressively more noisy than the other otherwise as more discussions happen this becomes more and more noise than anything useful.

Also sorting can be added by: resend activity score (you need time decay of activity); hence a mix of freshness and activity.

Thanks, yes this is something to bear in mind. It’s so amazing that we have to even think like this, there has been such a great respinse to adding things here on Discourse!

The results in Discuss and Discover are ultimately pulled by our elasticsearch, which gives us very great control over what is sourced. @blake will be doing more work with this on an ongoing basis, and hopefully the results will stay relevant.